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July 2013 Report: Drinking Out Of The Home UK

The recent strong growth in pub catering suggests that dining out is an occasion which drinks brands should be targeting.

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Executive Summary
The market
Figure 1: Forecast for out of home value sales of alcoholic drinks, 2008-18
Market factors
Alcohol consumption is in decline, along with consumer confidence
The pub industry is shrinking
The cost of excessive drinking incites government involvement
Population changes set to have an influence
The consumer
31% of adults drink out of home on a weekly basis
Figure 2: Frequency of drinking alcoholic drinks out of home, April 2013
The significant minority are cutting back on out of home drinking
Lager is the most popular on-trade drink
Figure 3: Types of alcoholic drinks drunk out of home, April 2013
Widespread misunderstanding about drink contents
Restaurants/cafés are the most popular on-trade drinking venues
Figure 4: Out of home drinking venues, April 2013
The importance of social drinking
Cost is now a notable concern for out of home drinkers
Figure 5: Attitudes towards drinking out of home, April 2013
Women and under-35s key for the cocktails market
What we think

Issues and Insights
How can the on-trade help to educate out of home drinkers?
How can the on-trade entice people to drink out of home more?
How can alcoholic drinks tap into the ‘pub grub’ renaissance?
Could schooners tackle the problem of falling on-trade beer sales?

Trend Application
Click and Connect
Many Mes
Mintel Futures: Human

Internal Market Environment
Key points
Alcohol consumption in decline, while government intervention rises
Figure 6: Trends in UK per capita consumption of 100% alcohol, 2006-11
Drinking in UK society
Pub visits in decline as consumers switch to cheaper in-home drinking
Figure 7: Indices of real disposable income per adult (18+) and affordability of alcohol on a per capita basis in the UK, 1980-2012
Figure 8: Consumption of alcoholic drinks in-home and out of home, 2001/02-11
The changing face of the pub industry

Broader Market Environment
Key points
Consumer confidence remains low
Figure 9: Household income vs expenditure per head (£), 1997-2012
Figure 10: Consumer Confidence Index, monthly, January 2007-June 2013
Population changes provide warning signs to the on-trade
Figure 11: Projected trends in the age structure of the UK population, 2012-17
Socio-economic changes to bring threats and opportunities
Figure 12: Changes in the adult socio-economic structure of the UK population, 2012-17
The weather and high profile events also influence drinking habits
Figure 13: Hours of sunshine in the UK, by month, 2008-13
Drink-driving convictions on the wane, but the problem persists

Market Size and Forecast
Key points
Value sales continue to stagnate while volumes fall further
Figure 14: Value and volume sales of out of home alcoholic drinks, 2008-18
Figure 15: Forecast for out of home value sales of alcoholic drinks, 2008-18
Figure 16: Forecast for out of home volume sales of alcoholic drinks, 2008-18
Forecast methodology

Segment Performance
Key points
Beer accounts for the majority of on-trade value sales
Figure 17: Share of value sales of different alcoholic drinks in the on-trade, 2012

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Consumer – Frequency of Drinking Out of Home
Key points
Over four-fifths have drunk alcohol out of home in the last year
Figure 18: Usage of alcoholic drinks in and out of home, April 2013
Almost one in three drink alcohol weekly outside the home
Figure 19: Frequency of drinking alcoholic drinks out of home, April 2013
Figure 20: Frequency of drinking alcoholic drinks in home and out of home, April 2013
Appealing to the moderators
17% of adults do not drink out of the home


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